Horrible Science TV Show

Posted by Tony on January 31, 2016


There’s another chance to watch The Horrible Science TV Show series on CITV Wednesday’s @ 5:00 pm starting February 3rd.

It has been so exciting to see our books morph into a children’s TV programme. Many of the episode titles are taken from our paperbacks: Deadly Diseases, Sounds Dreadful, Chemical Chaos and other best sellers. The Shrinking Scientists that I first illustrated for The Horrible Science of Everything feature in every episode. It’s great to see characters that we devised for our books appearing in sketches with real actors!

The excellent Ben Miller appears in the guise of several scientists that have altered the course of history with their scientific discoveries. He here is as Edward Jenner who developed the world’s very first vaccine.

Ben Miller, who also serves as an executive producer, says: “I’ve loved science since I was a kid, and making Horrible Science has been a dream come true. The utterly brilliant Horrible Science books have given us a wealth of characters, jokes, and – as they would put it – ‘squishy bits’ to plunder, and we haven’t held back. This is the perfect show to get kids and adults alike hooked on science.”

My favourite episode is Sounds Dreadful which delivers the key facts about sound with humour and clarity. And keep a lookout for show presenter Professor McTaggart, the talking brain with a massive ego.

Just like our books, this is science with the squishy bits left in!

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